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A small multipurpose bot with a bunch of commands to make your day just a bit better! Get random pictures of many animals with more on the way, memes, comics, etc.
Play games and explore a bunch of other cool commands!

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List of commands:
Prefix by default is +sb
+sbhelp: Show help menu.

+sbadmin: Show Admin-Only help page.

+sbhowto: Learn how to play.

+sbprivacy: Read our Privacy Policy.

+sbping: Check the bot's latency.

+sbstatus: Check the status of our services.

+sbcredits: Santa Bot was build with these resources.
catch: Say "catch" when a present appears to claim it.
+sbleader: See the top 10.

+sbleaderg: See the top 10 globally.

+sbscore @username: Check the mentioned user's score.

+sbscore: Check your score.

+sbstats: Check server and global stats.

+sbsnowleader: See the server top 10 with the most snowballs thrown.

+sbsnowleaderg: See the global top 10 with the most snowballs.
+sbrace: Race against Rudolph. Who's the fastest one?

+sbcraft: Craft presents by using your coal. 5 coal rocks are required to do this.

+sbsteal @username: Steal presents from the mentioned username. Both, you and the mentioned user need to have at least 30 presents. Stealing is for naughty people so it can strike back!

+sbdaily: Claim your daily surprise.

+sbglide: Glide with the Elf and find the correct house to earn presents.

+sbask: Ask your questions to Santa.

+sbthrow @username: Throw a snowball to the mentioned user.

+sbnaughty: See how naughty you are.


+sbnaughty @username: See how naughty the mentioned user is.

+sbtraditions: Learn about Christmas traditions around the world.

+sbantares: Check out Antares Bot! Another fun and awesome bot.
+sbpremium: Shows information to get premium
All of these commands can be used by users with MANAGE_MESSAGES permission.
+sbsetup #ChannelMention: Setup the channel the bot is going to use. You can't use the bot without setting up a channel.

+sbdrop: Make a present appear. People with Manage_Messages permission can use this command.

+sbenable-<daily,ask,glide,letter,naughty,throw,traditions,steal,craft,race>: Enable a command. You can enable one command per usage.

+sbdisable-<daily,ask,glide,letter,naughty,throw,traditions,steal,craft,race>: Disable a command. You can disable one command per usage.

+sbenables: Check the status of enabled or disabled commands.

+sbreset: Reset all scores. Proceed with caution

Premium commands:
Automatic Drops by Chat Activity.

+sbprefix <NewPrefix>: Change Bot's prefix.

+sbgive-presents @username <amount>: Give presents to the mentioned user.

$+sbgive-coal @username <amount>: Give coal to the mentioned user.

+sbremove-presents @username <amount>: Remove presents from the mentioned user.

+sbremove-coal @username <amount>: Remove coal from the mentioned user.

+sbset-time <seconds>: Change for how long drops will stay visible. Time is in seconds, be mindful.
Please note that if you change the bot's prefix, you will have to use that prefix to use the commands
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